We are the futurists.

Inception in 2020

Who We Are

Center for Quantum Frontiers of Research and Technology (QFort) committed to high-standard research and education. With continual support and vision of National Cheng Kung University (NCKU), it is built on strong foundation and is officially launched in 2020. Bringing together more than 40 outstanding scientists across NCKU and collaborating with external partners, the team will not only explore the fundamental aspects of quantum physics, but will also harness quantum effect to innovate the next generation technologies and its applications. In the aspect of education, QFort designs and offers content for students at different stages which ranges from senior high school to graduate or PhD. Besides, various teaching methods or resources will be introduced based on the level of learning.





Our Logo



QFort is the acronym formed from the initial components of “Center for Quantum Frontiers of Research and Technology”. But what is the meaning behind? Q is for quantum. Fort indicates our root in Tainan, Taiwan as Fort Zeelandia in Anping District of Tainan (currently named Anping Old Fort) is a symbolic landmark for Tainan. Therefore, the combination of Q and Fort clearly describes our scientific and geographical position. We are the quantum science team in Tainan, Taiwan!


Our pictorial mark is a creative work inspired by quantum science and art. The modern streamline shape implies QFort’s organizational culture which is open and dynamic. The three-dimensional structure is an interesting fusion of Q and Ψ. Q is for quantum. Ψ(Psi) is the 23rd letter of the Greek alphabet and represents wave function in a quantum-mechanical system.