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Building the Future! Prepare Young Students for the Quantum Era

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Micro-Course of Quantum Computing: Exclusive for Senior High School Students


In summer 2020, QFort took the initiative in Taiwan to provide the first micro-course of quantum computing. This course was tailored for senior high school students to bridge the gap between novel technology and high-school textbook. Prof. Yueh-Nan Chen, Director of QFort, said “Quantum technology is a rapid advancing field. It is crucial to build up workforce for the future of our society.”


The five-day micro-course, which begun Auguest 10, was cooridnated through a partnership with Tainan First Senior High School, National Tainan Girl's Senior High School, Tainan Tzu Chi Senior High  School, and National Nanke International Experimental High School. 23 youth who have talents in mathematics or science were selected. This course was structured in a systematic way. During the first three days, QFort introduced quantum mechanics which is set to be the fundation for future learning. Until the last two days, students started to practice on IBM Q platform. “It was riveting! We gained access to the quantum processor via cloud and took a close look at superposition state or entanglement by using a simulator.” one student said.


Students had fun playing Quantum Tic-Tac-Toe. The game software was developed by QFort. 




Summer Workshop for Young Scholars: Open-Source Quantum Computing Software


The purpose of this workshop is to give a new level of learning for students who have the basic knowledge of quantum mechanics. Participants can learn two types of software and further observe unique properties of quantum mechanics. It was held from 29th to 31st of July in 2020 and attracted more than 30 students from 6 different universities in Taiwan.



Dr. Neill Lambert, Riken’s senior research scientist was invited as guest lecturer. He gave an online lecture on introduction to quantum noise and provided course materials for students to practice afterwards. In addition, one graduate student from chemistry background was also invited to share his research subject using quantum equation approach for simulation.


Riken x QFort

Riken’s senior research scientist gave an online lecture on "A quick introduction to quantum noise".


Quantum Computing x Chemistry

Guest lecturer from Chemistry Departmnet of National Taiwan Univeristy shared his research topic "Simulations of nonadiabatic dynamics and nonlinear optical response in condensed phase: A quantum Langevin equation approach". 


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