Quantum Devices & Computing

The goal of this research roadmap is to develop and build solid-state quantum bits, devices, and architectures for quantum logics or other relevant future technologies. Our major efforts include innovative device design, nanofabrication, and integration of conventional and emergent materials to resolve the major obstacles, or even to create new design principles, to achieving quantum computing and technology. The research team has so far achieved many pioneering advancements in semiconductor quantum electronics. For example, they developed the world’s first all-electric all-semiconductor spin transistor by employing quantum point contacts as the spin injector and detector. They have also created a method to simultaneously manipulate and probe two spin types with controllable quantum phase correlation, which could lead to new kind of interferometer for spintronics. Moreover, the zigzag Wigner crystal and some new types of Hall effect that were recently observed by the team are not merely of fundamental interest, but also have potential technological applications, e.g. serving as a quantum mediator to couple qubits that are physically apart.




Examples of Research Directions or Outcomes

All-Electric Spin Transistor

The spin field-effect transistor envisioned by Datta and Das opens a gateway to spin information processing. Although the coherent manipulation of electron spins in semiconductors is now possible, ...

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Examples of Research Directions or Outcomes